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Putting feathers extensions in your hair is extremely popular in California.  It costs around $15 at salons or farmers markets.  However, you can do it yourself and have extras for much cheaper.  Get ready for summer festivals with these…

What you need:

A feather or feathers

1 microbead (use microbeads/micro links like the ones sold by plumetopia on esty)

1 crochet hook (you can buy one at Michaels for cheap)

1 needle nose pliers (or crimping pliers)


1) separate hair where you want to put feather

2) Put microbead on crochet hook

3) Using crochet hook pull a small amount of hair through microbead

4) Put end of feather in microbead (make sure everything is positioned fairly close to your scalp)

5) Squeeze microbead with pliers until microbead is flat and securely holding feather and small amount of hair

*Most feathers can be washed, straightened, or curled

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